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Does Apple iPhone 7 have NFC and how to use it?

On Apple iPhone 7, NFC is used for making contactless connections between your iPhone and an external NFC tag to automate tasks or to make payments.
Although using this technology is not complicated, you need to know some basics about it so we can say that you are able to deal with NFC on Apple iPhone 7 easily.

Can I find NFC on Apple iPhone 7?

Yes, Apple iPhone 7 has NFC as an automatically powered feature.

Where can I find the scanning antenna of Apple iPhone 7 NFC?

The antenna of Apple iPhone 7 or the sensor is located in the top left corner. So, to make contactless communication between your iPhone and an external NFC tag or another device, scan by using that part.

Apple iPhone 7 have NFC

How to decode NFC on Apple iPhone 7?

To decode the NFC scanner on Apple iPhone 7, go to the app store and download decode – NFC scanner. Next, open the app and tap on continue then allow.
Now, scan the tag by putting it close to your iPhone top, you can buy it from amazon-NFC mTag or any tag from NTAG series chip. Be aware that the decoding tag should be encoded because if it is empty, nothing will happen.

How do I scan the NFC tag on Apple iPhone 7?

To scan NFC tag on Apple iPhone 7, go to the App store, search for NFC tagInfo by NXP then download it. Now open the app, click scan and launch, then bring the NFC tag placing it near the top back of the iPhone to accomplish scanning.

NFC Apps on Apple iPhone 7

NFC apps on Apple iPhone 7 are divided into NFC payment apps that help you make contactless payments and third-party apps which used to write NFC tags.

Apple iPhone 7 have NFC

How to make contactless payments using NFC apps on Apple iPhone 7?

You don’t need to install any NFC payment apps as it is considered a feature activated on devices that support NFC. You just need to have the latest version of iOS, a supported card, and an Apple ID.

Making contactless payments on Apple iPhone 7

After making sure that you have everything you need for Apple pay app, now here is the way to use the feature:
– Open the Apple wallet
– Enter your passcode or Touch ID.
– Add a new card and authenticate.
– Put your iPhone near the NFC reader
until a checkmark appears on the display.

Can I use writing apps for NFC to write tags?

You need to buy an empty NFC tag. As for apps, we suggest TagWrtier-NXP and you can install it by the following steps:
– Open the app store
– Search for NFC TagWrtier
– Download then open it
– Click agree on terms and conditions then next.
Continue reading to know how to write the NFC tag.

How to Write NFC tags on Apple iPhone 7

You can scan the NFC tags to make the URL that you want to open automatically by these steps:
– Choose the URL type.
– Write the URL data.
– Tap save & write.
– Pass the tag to scan it.
– Click on the notification.
After that, every time you scan this tag, the website will automatically be opened.

How much memory do I need to write NFC tag?

The memory you need depends on the type of data, if you need to store text it will take 26 Bytes. On the other hand, a web address requires 19 Bytes, and SMS requires 68 Bytes. As for Emails you will need at least 83 Bytes.

Apple iPhone 7 have NFC

Everything you need to know to use NFC on Apple iPhone 7

If you are about to use NFC on your phone you need to be familiar with:
– Decoding: A process of activating NFC on iPhones.
– Scanning: Reading the external NFC tags by the NFC sensor.
– Using antenna: A sensor inside the phone is used for scanning.
– Making payments: Making contactless payments using the NFC antenna.
– Writing a tag: storing data on an external tag to automate tasks on your phone when scanning it.

NFC guide on Apple iPhone 7

NFC is the same as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?
NFC is a short-range communication while Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are long-range communication.

4 Disadvantages of NFC:
– iPhones that don’t have NFC won’t react with NFC iPhones
– If your device is away more than 20 centimeters, it will not react with the other.
– Privacy of NFC can be hacked by hackers.
– Moving files revolves around 424 Kbps which is not that fast.

Do you want to use NFC? here is a list of its benefits
– Making contactless payments.
– Automates tasks like playing a song at a specific time.
– Sharing data wirelessly.

NFC history
Near field communication (NFC) is a technology based on short-range communication that enables contactless payments and automates many of the usual tasks.

What is an NFC tag?
NFC Tag is a small chip used for storing information and can be read by devices that support NFC the feature.

What are the differences between NFC and RFID?
– NFC is short-range communication.
– RFID is long-range communication.
– Using NFC demands two devices that support NFC.
– Using RFID demands an active NFC and a passive NFC.
– NFC scan one NFC tag at one time.
– RFID reads too much data at one time.

What is the external NFC tag?
Smartphones that support NFC have a small chip inside which activates wireless communication this chip is the NFC tag itself. If we want to automate tasks we need to write an NFC tag which is an external tag we can buy to use it in storing data.

What is the main difference between NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi?
Both, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are long-range communication, but NFC depends on short-range communication.

Is NFC considered long-range communication?
No, NFC is a short-range communication. On the other hand, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be considered long-range communication.

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