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An essential guide to 4G on BLU C5 LTE

An essential guide to 4G on BLU C5 LTE

4G was deployed years ago in most of the globe and it now considered the fastest and most diffused mobile network. However, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. And some people still don’t understand its importance.

What is 4g? Is it better than 3G? Is BLU C5 LTE 4G enabled? That’s what we will talk about in this article, besides everything related to BLU C5 LTE 4G technology.

is the BLU C5 LTE4G-eligible phone?

Absolutely, BLU C5 LTE has the necessary hardware and software to enable 4G bands.

does BLU C5 LTE have 4G

How can I know whether BLU C5 LTE supports 4G or not?

It is important to check whether your device has 4G before buying it. The easiest way is to read your phone specifications in your phone box, or in the user guide. If you don’t possess the package or didn’t find the manual, you can see your phone specifications on the official website of the manufacturer or any other dependable website.

The second option is verifying the signal bar. If the BLU C5 LTE 4G data is turned on, you will see a 4G (or an LTE) symbol at the top of the phone’s display. Note that the absence of that icon doesn’t necessarily mean that your phone doesn’t support 4G.

Another way is to check the settings: open your settings and search for network mode, usually as follows: Settings > Cellular (or Mobile Data) > Cellular Data Options (or Mobile Data Options). If your phone supports 4G you will find a 4G or an LTE option. If you don’t see either of them, then your smartphone isn’t 4G-capable.

How to switch to 4G on BLU C5 LTE?

If you want to activate your BLU C5 LTE 4G network, then follow the instructions (it might vary slightly from the settings on your own device):

1- From Home screen, choose Apps.
2- Select Settings.
3- Make sure the the Mobile data switch is turned on.
4- Choose “More…”.
5- Choose Mobile/Cellular networks.
6- Tap Preferred network type.
7- Select 4G or LTE option.

Note: If you intend to switch off 4G then choose a lower network type (such as 3G) or tap Only 5G if it’s possible.

Get to know what 4G is on BLU C5 LTE

4G is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunication. It was first released in 2009 in South Korea, and it was deployed after that all around the world until it became the fastest and most used network in mobiles.

The provider of 4G network specifications is the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), it has also identified 5G, and 3G specifications before that. The ITU specifies what internet speeds and what latency limits are acceptable to call a network protocol a 4G.

Many protocols passed the test and qualified as 4G, the most important are LTE, LTE+, and HSPA+.

how to switch to 4g on BLU C5 LTE 4G

Why is 4G on the BLU C5 LTE important?

4G has all the functionalities of 3G at more speed. It allows download speeds of around 14 Mbps up to speeds as high as 150 Mbps, five times more than 3G. And it gives more than ten times the uploading data speeds of 3G, starting from 8Mbps up to 50 Mbps.

Low latency is another feature, it ranges from 60ms to 98 ms, Although it’s only a bit lower than 3G, it is very essential for some use cases including video conferencing or online gaming, and other live interactions.

The emergence of VoLTE standard added another advantage to 4g network which is the ability to make phone calls and surf the internet at the same time, with even more appropriate voice quality. All of these advantages are within your reach with BLU C5 LTE 4G technology.

4G on BLU C5 LTE

What are 4G bands? And which bands are supported on your BLU C5 LTE?

Before talking about 4G bands, you should know what the frequency is. Frequency is the repetition of an event, and it is quantified in radio communication by hertz (Hz).

Since radio waves are utilized for numerous reasons besides 4G (television broadcasting and Aeronautics as examples), it is vital to identify which frequencies must be used for what use. Otherwise, radio waves will contradict, and it would be a mess.

Governments and ITU designated each range of frequencies (called bands) to certain uses.

What you should consider as a user of BLU C5 LTE, is whether it supports the bands offered in your area by your local cellular provider or not. The BLU C5 LTE4G-enabled bands are :
2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 17 – UU;1, 3, 7, 20 – EE;.

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