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How to use NFC on Apple iPhone 8? A complete guide to NFC using

There are a lot of ways to use the Apple mobile operating system. You can use it for browsing the internet, gaming, listening to music, and much more. If you have an NFC-enabled phone, then you can also use it for task automation as well.
In this article, we will explain how to use NFC on Apple iPhone 8 and activate tasks through automatically some actions.

How to use NFC on Apple iPhone 8? – Enable NFC process

To activate NFC on Apple iPhone 8, you need to decode the scanner. To do so, download the decode – NFC scanner app and buy the decoding tag, we suggest mTag from amazon. Open the app, tap Continue then allow. Next, simply put the tag in front of the phone and it will be scanned and the NFC in your phone is decoded.

how to use NFC on Apple iPhone 8

How to use NFC on Apple iPhone 8 in terms of reading and scanning tags?

Scanning tags by TagInfo NXP app on Apple iPhone 8 is quite simple, you just need to download and open the app then tap on scan. Now, All you need to do is to place your iPhone against the tag, and it will start scanning the tag within seconds.

How to use the automation feature on Apple iPhone 8?

Writing a tag means that whenever you scan an NFC tag, it will automatically perform the task you stored in it, such as opening a website. To automate opening a website, you need to download a writing app -Tag Writer NXP as an example.
Install the app and open it then choose to write a link and insert its details. Tap on save and write. Now try to scan the tag and the website will open automatically.

How to automate tasks on Apple iPhone 8 using shortcuts app?

how to use NFC on Apple iPhone 8

Many people want to know how to use NFC on Apple iPhone 8 just to make shortcuts as using shortcuts can save you tons of time when you are working on your iPhone. They allow you to navigate through your device without having to tap each and every button all over again.

To automate tasks on your Apple iPhone 8, open the shortcuts app on your home screen and follow these steps:
– Tap on plus sign in the upper right corner.
– Write the shortcut name you want.
– Tap on Add action.
– From the list, tap on all actions.
– Choose the action you want.
– Tap on sharing icon.
– Choose add to home screen.
Go to your home screen and you will find the task you created.

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