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Exploring HTC 8XT 4G Technology

Exploring HTC 8XT 4G Technology

Mobile technologies have progressed enormously; one of the main developments is the rise of 4G technology. It’s a term that you’ve absolutely faced in your daily life, but what is 4G? And is HTC 8XT 4G enabled? We will answer these and other questions related to HTC 8XT 4G technology in the following article.

is the HTC 8XT4G-eligible phone?

is the HTC 8XT4G-eligible phone?

Yes. HTC 8XT is 4G enabled

How do you tell whether HTC 8XT is 4G-capable or not?

There are a lot of ways to check the availability of 4G in your HTC 8XT, or any other phone. And assuming you’re not a techy person , I recommend that you start by checking the phone container, network information is usually displayed there. Or you can simply google your phone model name and figure out the information on the official website of the manufacturer.

If you have already bought the phone and inserted the SIM card, you can turn on the mobile data, if the phone connects to a 4G network you will notice a 4G ot LTE sign up on the notification bar.

Get to know what 4G is on HTC 8XT

Get to know what 4G is on HTC 8XT

It is the term used to describe fourth-generation wireless technology. It was introduced in 2008 by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), an agency that defines the specification of 4G technology and previous technologies such as 2G and 3G. 4G is now the main wireless technology adopted by most mobile phones around the globe.

4G comes with speeds faster than its ascendant 3G. Thus, its emergence expanded the use of smartphones. Presently, phone users can do almost the same tasks that were only possible on computers before the appearance of 4G.

The best known protocol labeled 4G is LTE and the technologies developed from it (e.g. LTE-A). Usually, people confuse the two terms. For HTC 8XT 4G to be adequate, it should be suitable for the protocols used by local wireless service providers.

Advantages of 4G on HTC 8XT

4G is a developed technology that enabled a lot of potential for users. It enables much more speed than 3G network. While the average speed of 3G is 3Mbit/s, 4G has an average of 10 Mbit/s.

Another advantage is the low latency. Despite the fact that the difference in Latency is only a few milliseconds, 4G latency made HD web streaming practicable, and a much more developed video games experience.

4G also has clearer voice calls, thanks to the VoLTE standard. It also enables you to browse the internet while making voice calls. All of these advantages are within your reach with HTC 8XT 4G technology.

Get to know 4G bands in the HTC 8XT

Get to know 4G bands in the HTC 8XT

4G and other cellular technologies use radio waves to communicate data. These waves have different lengths and frequencies. To avoid interference between signals, governments and the ITU decided which regions use which frequencies for 4G.

Each region has been designated certain frequency intervals termed bands. Band number 7 and band number 28 (for example) are used at the world level.

What you should be aware of as a consumer is that each carrier provides certain bands according to the area, and different phones support different bands. So you should make sure that your HTC 8XT supports the bands provided by your local mobile operator.

Here are the HTC 8XT4G-enabled bands:

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