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A complete guide to Huawei Y9s SIM card

It is a SIM card that becomes a standard vital for every smartphone in use at the present time. A SIM card or subscriber identity module is a small card put into your phone and provides the possibility to make calls, send SMS messages, and even connect to the internet. In this article, you will get to know more about the Huawei Y9s SIM card.

Which SIM does Huawei Y9s support?

The holder of this phone has three slots. The first one for SD cards and the other two are for two Nano SIM cards.

How to insert SIM card in Huawei Y9s? To locate the SIM card in Huawei Y9s, you need to bring an ejection tool, then insert it in the top right side pinhole. After you insert the eject tool in the pinhole, the SIM holder near it will be popped out. Swipe it, and insert your SIM card. Now you can return the tray back to the phone.

Huawei Y9s SIM card

The right ways to use Huawei Y9s SIM card

The tips to use SIM card and keep it in a good condition are as follow:
– Always turn off the phone when inserting the SIM card.
– Keep the SIM card out of contact with metal objects.
– Never bend or break a metal contact point.
– Never insert a wet SIM card.

Your guide to use SIM cards

How can I use the Hybrid dual holder?
You can use it to put SIM cards and SD cards as this tray contains 2 slots, one for SIM card and the other for SD card.
Can I use two SIM cards with a dual SIM drawer?
Yes, you can do so, but you need to switch to the other card to use it (You can’t use both cards at the same time).
What is the meaning of a SIM card?
This is a digital card, provides you with all benefits of usuall cards but nonphysical.
What is the difference between single and dual SIM holder?
Dual SIM tray accepts two SIM cards, but a single SIM tray accept just one SIM card.

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