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Everything you need to know about Oppo A94 SIM card

It is a SIM card that becomes a standard needed for every smartphone in use at the present time. A SIM card or subscriber identity module is a small card put into your phone and allows you toto make calls, send SMS messages, and even connect to the internet. This article is a comprehensive guide to know more about Oppo A94 SIM card.

SIM Cards Supported by Oppo A94

In Oppo A94, you will find two slots for SIM card which means it’s a dual stand by as you can insert two Nano cards and use them for making calls and sending messages, but not at the same time, You can switch from one to another to use it.

The right ways to use Oppo A94 SIM card

There are a few things that you should do to keep your SIM card in the best condition. Following these tips will help you to have a long lasting and safe SIM card.
– Keep your SIM card clean by insuring that dust is not stuck inside the slot.
– Power off your phone when you want to insert or remove the card.
– Don’t try to put an SD card in the SIM drawer.
-Put the SIM card in the phone lightly to keep its gold contacts in a good condition.

Oppo A94 SIM card

A simple guide to use SIM cards

Does the Hybrid Dual holder the same as the Dual tray?
– No, in Hybrid it’s possible to place an SD card, but in Dual, is not.
eSIM is a physical card?
– No, eSIM is a digital card and you can’t touch it.
What is a Dual SIM tray?
– In this tray, you can insert two SIM cards.
Can I put two cards in a single SIM tray?
– No, you can’t as this drawer accepts just one card.
When can I put the SD card in the SIM holder?
– You can do so if the holder type is Hybrid.

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