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A comprehensive guide to Oppo F11 SIM cards

If you buy a new Oppo F11, you need to know how the SIM card can be used with this phone. So, don’t rush inserting it or try to open its tray in a wrong way. Basically, you need first to know where is the Oppo F11 SIM card drawer then you can go with the Oppo F11. 

Which SIM card does your phone uses?

If you remove the SIM drawer of this phone, you will find 3 slots, the first slot is for SD cards. The two other slots can be used for only Nano SIM cards, as you can insert two cards and use them separately by switching to the other card.

How to use your Oppo F11 SIM card without damaging it?

The tips to use SIM card and keep it in a good condition are as follow:
– Always turn off the phone when inserting the SIM card.
– Keep the SIM card out of contact with metal objects.
– Never bend or break a metal contact point.
– Never insert a wet SIM card.

Oppo F11 SIM cards

Get to know more about SIM cards

What is the Hybrid Dual tray?
It’s a SIM tray that you can use it to place SIM cards and SD cards as it contains two slots.
For what can I use dual SIM drawer?
You can use this tray to put more than one SIM card as it contains two slots.
How can I use eSIM card?
This card is a digital card so you can’t touch it or put it into your phone. It’s tha same as the other cards, but you can use it as a digital card not a physical.
Does a single SIM holder accept two SIM cards?
No, you can’t use or get benefits from two cards with a single holder.
Can I insert SD card in the SIM slot?
You can do so only if the holder is a Hybrid one.

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