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A complete guide to Oppo N3 SIM card

With no SIM card on your phone, you can’t send SMS messages, make calls or even have a phone number so you need to buy one. Don’t forget to make sure that your SIM card is compatible with your phone if you want to buy a new one. We can help you with this and more about how to use and insert an Oppo N3 SIM card.

How to insert SIM card in Oppo N3 step by step

How to insert a SIM card in Oppo N3? In order to locate the SIM card in this phone follow the next steps:
– Bring an eject tool.
– Insert it in the upper left slot.
– The SIM holder will pop out.
– take out the tray.
– put your SIM card in.
Now you can return the tray again to your phone and start using the SIM card.

Oppo N3 SIM card

Everything about how to remove from Oppo N3

How to remove SIM card in Oppo N3? To eject the SIM card from this phone follow the next steps:
– Bring an ejection pin.
– Insert it in the upper left pinhole.
– The SIM drawer will pop out.
– Swipe the tray.
– Remove your SIM card.
Now you can put the tray again into your phone and insert another card if you want.

How to open the SIM card slot Oppo N3 in easy steps?

To open the SIM card drawer in this phone, bring an eject tool, and Insert it in the upper left slot. As a result, the SIM tray will be popped out.

How to use your Oppo N3 SIM card without damaging it?

There are a few things that you should do to keep your SIM card in the best condition. Following these tips will help you to have a long-lasting and safe SIM card.
– Keep your SIM card clean by insuring that dust is not stuck inside the tray.
– Power off your phone when you want to insert or remove the card.
– Don’t try to put an SD card in the SIM holder.
-Put the SIM card in the phone gently to keep its gold contacts in a good condition.

Oppo N3 SIM card

A simple guide to use SIM cards

How can I use the Hybrid dual drawer?
You can use it to insert SIM cards and SD cards as this tray contains 2 slots, one for SIM card and the other for SD card.
Can I use two SIM cards with a dual SIM drawer?
Yes, you can do so, but you need to switch to the other card to use it (You can’t use both cards at the same time).
What is the meaning of a SIM card?
This is a digital card, provides you with all features of usuall cards but nonphysical.
What is the difference between single and dual SIM drawer?
A dual SIM holder accepts two SIM cards, but a single SIM tray accept just one SIM card.

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