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A comprehensive guide to Oppo Reno8 SIM card

If you get a new Oppo Reno8, you need to know how to use the SIM card with this phone. So, don’t rush inserting it or try to open its holder in the wrong way. Basically, you need first to know where is the Oppo Reno8 SIM card holder then you can go with the Oppo Reno8. 

Which SIM card my Oppo Reno8 is compatible with?

The SIM card holder in this phone is a dual Nano which means that it contains two slots for two SIM cards. Also, you can’t use both cards at the same time as you need to switch to the other card if you want to use it.

Some tips to use Oppo Reno8 SIM card

When you want to use Oppo Reno8 SIM card, make sure to use the eject tool lightly so the slot can’t be damaged. In addition, turn off your phone to maintain it in a good condition with no any glitches.

Besides, don’t try to place the SIM card in reverse or even try to put a memory card in the SIM tray that doesn’t compatible with SD cards. Also, make sure that you put the card in its exact borders so, that no unexpected glitch happens.

Oppo Reno8 SIM card

Get to know more about SIM cards

Does the Hybrid Dual drawer the same as the Dual holder?
– No, in Hybrid it’s workable to put an SD card, but in Dual, is not.
Does eSIM consider a physical card?
– No, you can’t touch this card as it’s a digital one.
What is a Dual SIM holder?
– With this tray, it’s possible to insert two SIM cards.
Can I put two cards in a single SIM tray?
– No, you can’t as this holder accepts just one card.
When can I put the SD card in the SIM holder?
– You can do so if the holder type is Hybrid.

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