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Everything you need to know about the Xiaomi Mi 1S SIM card

Using a SIM card is not that complicated, but you need to use it gently and know how exactly it can be inserted as any wrong step can make a problem on your phone or in the SIM itself.
Many people ask what is the type of their SIM card and what distinguishes it if it is compared with inquiries of their SIM card type and what distinguishes it if it is compared with the other types. If you know the type of your own card, skip this information and start with how to insert the Xiaomi Mi 1S SIM card.

Does Xiaomi Mi 1S support all SIM card types?

Xiaomi Mi 1S is compatible with a Mini SIM card. This card’s size is 15×25mm and it’s used around the world more than any other card.

Xiaomi Mi 1S SIM card

How to insert SIM card in Xiaomi Mi 1S step by step

How to insert a SIM card into Xiaomi Mi 1S? Inserting a SIM card in your phone takes just a few quick steps. Simply place the eject tool into the pinhole near the SIM tray and it will automatically pop out. You can then put your SIM card and push it back down to its original position.

How to take out a SIM card on Xiaomi Mi 1S step by step?

How to remove the SIM card in Xiaomi Mi 1S? Removing a SIM card is one of the first steps to take when you want to use a new phone. In Xiaomi Mi 1S, you need to power off your phone, bring an eject tool and push it in the upper left pinhole near the SIM drawer. The SIM tray will pop out, swipe it and remove your card. Now, you can push the tray back into your phone.

How to open SIM card slot Xiaomi Mi 1S step by step

How to open SIM card holders in Xiaomi Mi 1S? You don’t need to remove your phone cover or even the battery, as the SIM card slot is placed on the phone frame. You just need to place an ejection tool in the pinhole near the holder and it will be opened. 

How to use your Xiaomi Mi 1S SIM card without damaging it?

Ejection of the Xiaomi Mi 1S SIM card drawer shouldn’t be like inserting the SIM itself or whatever. To open the tray, you need to put the eject tool lightly in the pinhole, but if you do this with force, the slot will be damaged or a problem will happen in it. As for the phone itself, power it off while the tray ejection process which will protect it from any problem or defect. In addition, don’t put the SIM in reverse which makes it possible to cause any unpredictable glitches.

Xiaomi Mi 1S SIM card

How to remove your Xiaomi Mi 1S SIM card lock?

You can remove the SIM card lock in Xiaomi Mi 1S from settings. Choose password and security, then go to privacy, virgin mobile and you can switch the SIM card lock key.

A simple guide to using SIM cards

How can I use the Hybrid dual holder?
You can use it to put SIM cards and SD cards as this tray contain 2 slots, one for SIM cards and the other for SD cards.
Can I use two SIM cards with a dual SIM tray?
Yes, you can do so, but you need to switch to the other card to use it (You can’t use both cards at the same time).
What is the meaning of a SIM card?
This is a digital card, that provides you with all benefits of usual cards but nonphysical ones.
What is the difference between a single and dual SIM tray?
A dual SIM tray accepts two SIM cards, but a single SIM tray accepts just one SIM card.

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