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Everything you need to know about Xiaomi Mi 4 SIM card

If you buy a new Xiaomi Mi 4, you need to know how the SIM card can be used with this phone. So, don’t rush inserting it or try to open its holder in the wrong way. Basically, you need first to know where is the Xiaomi Mi 4 SIM card holder then you can go with the Xiaomi Mi 4. 

Which SIM card does your phone use?

Xiaomi Mi 4 supports Micro SIM, this card size is 12×15mm. So, it comes after the Mini SIM whose size is 12×9.

How to take out a SIM card on Xiaomi Mi 4 step by step?

How to remove the SIM cards in Xiaomi Mi 4? To get your SIM card from Xiaomi Mi 4, you need to bring an eject pin and insert it into the pinhole that is located on the upper left side of the device near where the SIM slot is. Swing out the tray for a card and then tightly replace it.

How to open the SIM card slot Xiaomi Mi 4 in easy steps?

How to open the SIM card tray Xiaomi Mi 4? It’s very easy to eject SIM card holder in this phone as all you need to do is to place an ejection tool in the pinhole near the SIM drawer and it will be opened.

How to use Xiaomi Mi 4 SIM card?

The tips to use a SIM card and keep it in a good condition are as follow:
– Always turn off the phone when inserting the SIM card.
– Keep the SIM card out of contact with metal objects.
– Never bend or break a metal contact point.
– Never insert a wet SIM card.

Removing Xiaomi Mi 4 SIM card lock

To switch off SIM card lock in Xiaomi Mi 4, go to settings, tap on password and security, choose privacy, then go to virgin mobile and tap on lock SIM card key.

Your guide to use SIM cards

What’s the main difference between Dual SIM and Dual Hybrid SIM?
– With Dual Hybrid SIM, you can put an SD card in the SIM drawer
– In Dual SIM, you can’t put an SD card in the SIM drawer, while in dual SIM, it’s not possible.
What is an eSIM card?
– A digital card you can use, without having a physical one.
What’s the meaning of dual SIM?
– This means that it’s workable to insert two SIM cards into your phone.
What’s the meaning of a single SIM?
– It means that you can insert only one SIM card into your phone.
Can I use the SIM holder for an SD card?
-You can do this if the phone is a hybrid dual SIM.
What is the mini SIM card?
– It’s a physical card used around the world more than any other card which size is 15×25mm

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