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A comprehensive guide to Xiaomi Poco X3 SIM cards

Not all SIM cards are compatible with your phone because if you take a look at SIM card sizes or get to know more about its features, you will find that there is a core difference. So, your phone may not compatible with all card sizes. If you want to know how to use the Xiaomi Poco X3 SIM card, here you are.

Which SIM card my Xiaomi Poco X3 is compatible with?

The tray of this phone has three slots. The first one is for SD cards and the other two are for two Nano SIM cards.

Xiaomi Poco X3 SIM cards

How to insert SIM card into Xiaomi Poco X3? Installing SIM card guide

How to insert a SIM card into Xiaomi Poco X3? In most cases, you would need to push an ejection pin into the upper left pinhole of your phone and use this to open the holder that contains the SIM card. You then simply need to slide it in, ensuring it’s positioned properly, before giving it a push back into place.

How to change the SIM card on Xiaomi Poco X3?

How to remove SIM cards in Xiaomi Poco X3? Insert the eject tool in the pinhole located near the SIM tray. Swipe the SIM holder and remove your SIM card, then push the SIM tray back to the phone.

How to open SIM card slot Xiaomi Poco X3 step by step

How to open SIM card draweron Xiaomi Poco X3? It’s so easy to open the SIM card slot in this phone as all you need to do is to place an eject tool in the pinhole near the SIM holder and it will be opened.

How to use a Xiaomi Poco X3 SIM card?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using your SIM card:
– Never touch the SIM card to water or humidity.
– Never touch the gold contact pads on the SIM card with metal objects.
– Never place heavy objects on top of the phone where the SIM is stored.
– Avoid exposing your SIM card to extreme temperature changes.

Xiaomi Poco X3 SIM cards

Removing the Xiaomi Poco X3 SIM card lock

Follow these steps to switch off the SIM card lock in Xiaomi Poco X3:
– Go to settings.
– Tap on password and security.
– Choose privacy.
– Go to virgin mobile.
– Finally, tap on the lock SIM card key.

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