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Get More Info about Samsung C5030 in this Review

Even experts might be confused by the lengthy list of scientific terminology in Samsung C5030 catalog. A lot of questions will run through your head when you decide to buy a new mobile phone. In this blog, you can take a look at Samsung C5030 reviews that explain the majority of its specifications and industrial jargon so you can understand it all.

Samsung C5030 Review - Body Features

Samsung C5030 model status in the market is canceled. However, it is declared by Samsung company on Not officially announced yet
Samsung C5030 When you purchase Samsung C5030, you will gain 2 MP rear camera and
Samsung C5030 comes with a 2.8 inches, 24.3cm2 display size.
Samsung C5030 has these software and hardware platforms:

In this article, you will find Samsung C5030 review which will sort out the main Samsung C5030 specifications that you need to make a wise decision about your new device.

Read Samsung C5030 Review To Know Its Colors

Samsung C5030 Review - Available Colors

Black and white are likely the most popular colors for mobile phone covers, however, businesses have continued to produce a wide range of other colors in an effort to draw in more customers.
Samsung C5030 comes in the following colors: White.

Samsung C5030 Review In Terms of Display features

Samsung C5030 Review - Display Specs

We use cellphones to work, connect, play games, watch movies and videos, do photography, and even do extensive reading. These tasks are easily accomplished on large-screen cell phones with true blacks, high contrast ratios, and good visibility from different angles.
The next lines will sort out the essential display characteristics of Samsung C5030.

Display Type: TFT – Remember that you should search for a screen kind that provides more radiant colors and proper black.

Display Size: 2.8 inches, 24.3cm2 – These days, smartphones feature screens that measure between 4.7 and 6.5 inches.

Display Ratio: 4:3 ratio. the Aspect ratio is the relevance between the height and width of the smartphone screen. Taller aspect ratios like 19.5:9 is coming with the most modern smartphones, and it is suitable for web browsing, and other portrait orientation apps.

Display Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels. It is the clarity of an image video in detail and sharpness. The pixel resolution for high-definition screens is 1920 x 1080.

Display Density: (~143 ppi density). It is the number of physical pixels per inch on a screen and is measured in Pixels Per Inch (ppi).

No More Camera Features Confusing – Samsung C5030 Review

Samsung C5030 Review - Camera Specifications

In the following lines, you will find Samsung C5030 review about the main cameras.
* Main Camera Single: 2 MP.
Here are explanations about some of the symbols included in the camera specifications:
MP (Megapixels) is the resolution of the image taken by a cellphone.
(f value) is the aperture of a lens that indicates how much light it lets in. The larger the aperture, the more light is let in; and vice versa.
(mm value) This measurement is of the lens’s focal length, which affects the final image that is produced by your camera.
AutoFocus (AF) is the function of a camera to automatically focus on a subject.

The main camera features are as follows:
320p@15fps main video camera.

What’s The SIM card? Samsung C5030 Review

Samsung C5030 Review - SIM Features

SIM is an abbreviation for Subscriber Identity Module, and it’s a tiny plastic card that fits into your phone. It is an electronic chip available in three sizes; Standard (Mini), Micro, and Nano, and it allows you to connect to a cellular network. Then, you can make calls, send SMS messages, and use mobile internet services like 3G, 4G, and 5G. For more info about 3G / 4G networks, refer to Samsung C5030 3G or Samsung C5030 4G articles. However, you can use the cellphone without a SIM to use some available applications on it, play games, and connect to a Wi-Fi network to browse the internet.

This cellphone model comes with a Mini-SIM card. For more info, refer to How to insert SIM card in Samsung C5030 article.
Here are the common SIM card kinds:
* Nano-SIM. It is the smallest removable SIM card size, so it is the most modern one (other than eSIMs, which we’ll read about very soon) and most modern smartphones are using it.

* Micro-SIM. They have a slightly larger chip, and they haven’t been utilized too often recently.

* Standard SIM (Mini-SIM). It is the biggest SIM card size in use, and it’s the most seldom used.

* eSIM. It is an embedded SIM card, meaning that you can’t remove it from your device.

Mobile Networks and communication – Samsung C5030 Review

Samsung C5030 Review - Networks and Connectivity

Mobile networking refers to technology that can provide voice and/or data network connectivity using wireless solutions. 3 types of mobile networks are available: 3G, 4G (LTE), and 5G. All of them are supported by the most modern cell phones. However, 5G has been created with an extended capacity to enable next-generation user experiences, support innovative deployment models, and give new services.

Samsung C5030 supports the following networks: 3G. For more info, refer to Samsung C5030 3G article.

Samsung C5030 Review – Available Wireless Connections

Samsung C5030 Review - Wireless Connections

This model comprises the following wireless communications:
* Bluetooth connection: 2.0, A2DP. It is a common wireless communication protocol used to communicate two devices together over short ranges, allowing them to share data between different devices.

* USB connection: micro-USB 2.0. Universal Serial Bus is wired technology that allows users to connect two devices, such as a smartphone with a PC, to either transfer data or charge the connected device.

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