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More Specs Info – LG G5500 Review

More Specs Info – LG G5500 Review

Even specialists may become confounded by the extended list of industrial jargon in LG G5500 flyer. So many questions will run through your thoughts when you want to get a new cellular phone. In this blog you can take a look at LG G5500 reviews that sort out the majority of its specifications and industrial jargon so you can understand everything about it.

LG G5500 model status in the market is: Discontinued. However, it is announced by LG company on 2003, Q4
LG G5500 has 350 KB, and 760 mAh battery life (the more mAh value gives more strength to the battery). When you purchase LG G5500,
LG G5500 has these software and hardware platforms:

In this article, you will find LG G5500 review which will represent the main LG G5500 features that you need to make a wise decision about your new cellular phone.

Read LG G5500 Review To Know More About The Body Specs

When planning to purchase a new smartphone, the body characteristics must be taken into consideration. These physical features include body size, weight, and build. You can read LG G5500 review in terms of the body features in the lines that follow.

* Body Dimensions: 92 x 42 x 21 mm (3.62 x 1.65 x 0.83 in) which mean height, width, and thickness (depth) respectively.

* Body Weight: 81 g (2.86 oz).
For smartphones, a weight between 140g to 170g is deemed convenient for most customers.

Read LG G5500 Review To Know More About The Body Specs

No More Specs Confusing After Reading LG G5500 Review

The screen has always been a major part of smartphone. Still, ever since the advent of full-screen touch cellular phone, it has become imperious for producers to provide the best display devices to consumers, it will enhance the viewing and gaming experience.

Read on to find more about the crucial display features of LG G5500.

Display Type: UFB – Remember to go for a screen kind that gives more shining colors and actual black.

Display Resolution: 128 x 160 pixels. It is the clarity of an image video in details and sharpness. The pixel resolution for high definition screens is 1920 x 1080.

No More Specs Confusing After Reading LG G5500 Review

LG G5500 Review of the SIM Card

A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is an electronic card that connects your wireless device to the mobile network so that you can make calls, send SMS messages, and use mobile internet services like 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G. For more information about 3G / 4G networks, refer to LG G5500 3G or LG G5500 4G articles You can use your mobile phone without a SIM card for many things, like playing games, using the calculator, saving notes, taking photos, and many other applications. The following three sizes are available for SIM cards: Standard (Mini), Micro, and Nano.

This cellular phone model comes with Mini-SIM card. For more info, refer to How to insert SIM card in LG G5500 article.
Here are the common SIM card kinds:
* Nano SIM. It is the smallest removable SIM card size, so it is the most modern one (other than eSIMs, which we’ll talk about it very soon) and most modern mobile phones are using it.

* Micro SIM. They have a slightly larger chip, and they’re rarely been used in the recent years.

* Standard SIM (Mini SIM). It is the biggest SIM card size in use, and it’s the most seldom used.

* eSIM. It is an embedded SIM card, i.e., you can’t take it off of your cellular phone.

LG G5500 Review of the SIM Card

Knowing About Storage Features – LG G5500 Review

One of the essential deciding factors when you intend to purchase a new cellular phone is the amount of storage it offers. and the following internal storage: 350 KB

There are two types of phone’s memory:
Internal: It is integrated inside the phone, and can’t be expanded. Nowadays, the majority of cellular phones have internal memory that is at least 32GB or 64GB and a few high-end models feature 256GB or 512GB.
External: It is a removable SD card used as an alternative memory to store photos, music, videos, etc., regardless of the kind of SD card slot.

Knowing About Storage Features - LG G5500 Review

PHONE Review – The Battery Main Specifications

Nothing is more important than the battery of the smartphone that keeps these devices running and granting daily life working. The following lines are containing LG G5500 review of its primary battery.
* Battery Technology: {Li-Ion}.
* LG G5500 comes with {Removable} battery.
* Battery Capacity: {760} mAh. It refers to the storage capacity a specific battery may offer. A battery with 3100 mAh capacity rating could supply a current of 3100 mA for one hour. Higher mAh ratings for the same battery type will generally mean longer working time.
* Battery Talk Time: {Up to 2 h}.
* Battery Stand by: {Up to 190 h}.

PHONE Review - The Battery Main Specifications

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