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Your LG G7120 Review to Get the Required Advice

Your LG G7120 Review to Get the Required Advice

LG G7120 specifications possess a long list of complex technical words that can confuse even the experts. So, when you going to invest in a new smartphone, there will be too many questions running through your head. In this blog, you will find LG G7120 reviews that sort out most of its specifications and terminologies, to help you to understand it all.

After announcing LG G7120 by LG on 2004, Q1, this model has been However, this model status in the market is: Discontinued.

When you buy LG G7120, you will gain a VGA rear camera 780 mAh battery life (the more mAh value gives more strength to the battery).
display size.

LG G7120 comes with the following OS and chips:

To understand the meanings of device specifications, continue browsing this LG G7120 review.

LG G7120 Review of The Body Specs

People are often interested in the mobile phone’s body characteristics, which prompted most smartphone production companies to use a significant part of the company’s research and budget to improve this aspect of mobile phones so that it suits all the ambitions of the consumer. In the following lines, you will see LG G7120 review, which will sort-out the most important details related to the body of this device.

* Body Dimensions: 89 x 48 x 24 mm (3.50 x 1.89 x 0.94 in) which mean height, width, and thickness (depth) respectively.

* Body Weight: 101 g (3.56 oz).
For smartphones, a weight between 140g to 170g is deemed appropriate for most users.

LG G7120 Review of The Body Specs

LG G7120 Review of The Available Colors

It is relatively important to take care of selecting the cellular phones color because the colors reflected from the device will affect negatively or positively the colors that shown on the display screen.
LG G7120 comes in the following colors: Silver.

LG G7120 Review of The Available Colors

Knowing Display features Using LG G7120 Review

As smartphones innovations evolve very fast, it is difficult to know any cellular phone or combination of characteristics as the best. This applies to the quality and specs of the screen. In fact, choosing it depends on your personal need and the areas in which you use mobile phones. In the following lines, we will represent the main display characteristics of LG G7120

Display Type: UFB – Note that you need to look for a display kind that grants more radiant colors and true black color.

Display Resolution: 128 x 160 pixels. It is the clarity of an image video in details and sharpness. The pixel resolution for high definition screens is 1920 x 1080.

Knowing Display features  Using LG G7120 Review

LG G7120 Review – Understanding Camera Terms and characteristics

In the following lines, you will find LG G7120 review about the main cameras.
* Main Camera Single: {VGA}.
Here are explanations about some of the symbols included in the camera spesc:
MP (Megapixels) is the resolution of the image taken by a mobile phone.
(f value) is the aperture of a lens indicates how much light it lets in. The larger the aperture, the more light is let in; conversely, a smaller aperture lets in less light.
(mm value) This measurement is of the lens’s focal length, which affects the final image that is produced by your camera.
AutoFocus (AF) is the function of a camera to automatically focus on a subject.

LG G7120 Review - Understanding Camera Terms and characteristics

Important Details About The SIM – LG G7120 Review

The acronym SIM is used to refer to the Subscriber Identity Module. It is a microchip that can be inserted into your smartphone to be able to access your phone’s communication features to make calls, send SMS, and connect to the 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G mobile internet. For more info about 3G / 4G networks, refer to LG G7120 3G or LG G7120 4G articles. SIM cards come in three sizes: Standard (Mini), Micro, and Nano. It is possible to use your cellular phone without a SIM card, such as using the calculator, playing games, saving text or voice notes, and connecting to a Wi-Fi network to explore the internet.

This smartphone model comes with Mini-SIM card. For more information, refer to How to insert SIM card in LG G7120 article.
Here are the popular SIM card types:
* Nano SIM. This removable SIM card size is the smallest available one, so it is the most modern one (other than eSIMs, which we’ll read about it very soon) and it’s used by the vast majority of modern smartphones.

* Micro SIM. They have a little bit larger chip, and they haven’t been utilized too often recently.

* Standard SIM (Mini SIM). It is the biggest SIM card size in use, and it’s the most rarely used.

* eSIM. It is an embedded SIM card, meaning that you can’t remove it from your device.

Important Details About The SIM - LG G7120 Review

LG G7120 Review of The Battery Main Specs

Nothing is more essential than the cellular phone’s battery, which powers these gadgets and retains daily life going. In the following lines, you’ll find LG G7120 review of its main battery.
* Battery Technology: {Li-Ion}.
* LG G7120 comes with {Removable} battery.
* Battery Capacity: {780} mAh. It refers to the amount of storage volume a particular battery able to provide. A battery with 3100 mAh capacity rating could supply a current of 3100 mA for one hour. Higher mAh ratings for the same battery kind will usually mean more working time.
* Battery Talk Time: {Up to 2 h}.
* Battery Stand by: {Up to 200 h}.

LG G7120 Review of The Battery Main Specs

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